We Created SCUBA DIVING Magazine

Cline Group is proud to have launched SCUBA DIVING Magazine in 1991 for Rodale Press. Creating the largest and fastest growing dive magazine in the world.

In January of 1990, Rodale Press, the Country’s largest independent publisher of magazines  approached William Cline with the idea that they thought the diving industry might need a new dive magazine. William consulted with the then VP of sports publishing, and created the name, concept and helped to establish the editorial direction, then consulted on the hiring of the initial staff for the new magazine called SCUBA DIVING.

Using a unique address collection technique, William created the largest database of divers for the initial launch. By brokering list agreements with PADI and DAN, Scuba Diving launched as the most successful niche publication in the history of Rodale Press, a then 600 million dollar publisher. 

Specialized expertise pays.