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  • Stephen Frink, one of the world’s most renowned underwater photographers, writes about his journey from lab tech to a career that spans over five decades, shooting underwater images for most major manufacturers and tourism boards around the world.
  • Cathryn Castle Garcia, a long-time dive business writer and editor, follows up her March article with thought-provoking ways to grow your business.
  • Alex Brylske, Ph.D., Eco Pro, discusses how to inspire customers and students to become ocean reef advocates.
  • Richard Thomas, owner, International Scuba, Dallas, TX, explains the value of events and how they invigorate and enrich his local diving community.
  • Terry Cummins, Ph.D. explores the need for global dive data – how big is our industry really?
  • Tom Leaird, owner, Tom Leaird’s Underwater Service, Muncie, IN, explains why their new diving course is seven weeks long and the impact it has had on their bottom line.
  • Dan Orr discusses the ‘normalization of deviance’ – how small errors over time can impact dive safety.
  • Andre Valentim provides insight into South America.
  • Peter Symes of X-Ray Magazine offers a European dive industry update,
  • Scott Jones at DiveNewswireprovides top global PR headlines.
  • Peter Letts, owner of Abyss Scuba Diving, Sydney, Australia, shows how his retail facility uses customer data for focused marketing.
  • Pat Hammer, Dive Right Scuba, Chicago, IL., offers insight into creating and sustaining a non-profit to support dive instructor training programs.
  • Jeff Cinciripino, owner of Scuba Shack, Rocky Hill, CT, offers his perspective on the ‘tip of the spear’ concept for dive retailers.
  • William Cline, publisher, explains why consumer dive shows and events are crucial for the long-term health of the industry.

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