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Welcome to Scuba Diving Industry Magazine [SDIM]! Click on the below covers to view our 2024 issues and welcome aboard!


This issue is special for many reasons. We are thrilled to be adding some new contributors to the SDIM family. Aside from the outstanding contributors who are writing again this month, we have some new additions:

Neal Watson, Sr. wrote a beautiful tribute to the late Paul Humann, one of the founding fathers of marine identification that dive instructors use worldwide. Paul had many accomplishments, but Neal took a more personal approach with some great stories and antidotes on page 16 of his time with Paul.

Tom Ingram, DEMA’s President and CEO wrote an insightful piece on the many resources DEMA, the association, offers that help us to better understand our business and consumer trends. See more on page 30.

Jeff Cinciripino writes, as a dive retail facility owner, how his staff uses tools and techniques to help their students transition to complete divers while driving profitability for a retailer (page 7).

Cline Group’s 4th quarter global survey results are in and most businesses posted a positive 4th quarter of 2023. See how your company compared with the averages reported (page 14).

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Thank you for reading and being a ‘part of the conversation’ with our industry!

William Cline, Publisher

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